Stop Loan Sharks

The challenge

Stop Loan Sharks challenged us to create a short series of videos that could be used with their partner agencies. The videos had to easily communicate the dangers of loan sharks and the support available by the Stop Loan Sharks (Illegal Money Lending Team) through partner agencies such as schools and housing associations.

The solution

Voiceboxx created three videos that could be used by educational organisations but also bookkeepers to aid the prevention of loan sharks. The videos communicated tailored messages of intervention, support and education through a series of drama pieces. The lead video was developed from an actual letter received by the Stop Loan Sharks (IMLT) from a young child.

The power of narration combined with a simple drama sequence has led to the video being shown on the BBC’s Ill-Gotten Gains and a Matter of Life and Debt as well as its promotion through the Cabinet Office.

6,000 video views on Facebook and a 106% increase in web traffic within a week of launch.